Monday, 6 October 2014

5 Simple Ways To Raise Your Confidence & Strength

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but
reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful 
or happy.  - Norman Vincent Peale

Encourage Yourself
Your whole life until this moment has been a series of interactions,tasks,actions,responsibilities, and circumstances.You have come through a lot.You have gained some and you have lost some.Yet strength invites you to consistently focus on what you have gained,what you have achieved,what you have accomplished,what you have contributed,what you have triumphed at,and what you have enjoyed.When you only focus on the best in your past you open up a pathway for furthermore fantastic experiences to unravel throughout your life.You do this through the magnetic force of attraction.More than that ,at the material and mental level ,you encourage yourself through every episode of positive focus.You gain courage from counting your successes,and your victories.You encourage yourself.Self encouragement is the vitamin for successful people.So keep counting your winning scores.

Face It
Whatever life demands from you must be done anyway.You cannot wish away essential responsibilities.Somethings must be done by you, and you alone.So what is the point wishing otherwise.Eventually ,you know you will have to do it.And it may then happen at a cost you may not like to pay.So the sane thing is to take the bull by the horns and meet the situation more than half way.

What is it that you are avoiding really?Meeting new people? Meeting old friends?Taking on new tasks,new responsibilities?Travelling out somewhere in the interest of your career,or business?Learning some new skill?Taking  those phone calls,or answering those emails at work?Facing differences of opinion with co-workers or boss?Meeting that demanding client?Starting out on that exercise or diet regimen?Doing this,or that?Has it become a habit to shrink from work and responsibility?How is this trait ultimately contributing to your leadership-success-index?
You know what?Every time you meet a task,responsibility,or circumstance boldly you grow taller by many an inch.You are taller in strength,in confidence,in composure,and in your self assurance in meeting,and accomplishing challenging tasks.These challenges are the “workstations” in your life’s “gym”.You can work out there and strengthen your muscles,or you can lay there passively, feeling justified in your irritation and dislike towards them.Finally you  are the one who gets to choose,either way.

Be A Self Starter & Reach Out
Be an initiator of things.Take action first.Commit yourself to this transformation.Do not keep waiting for circumstances to get perfect.It is better to start off doing something,however imperfect it may be initially,than to keep delaying your project indefinitely.Also,don’t postpone things because you don’t want  to take long in completing it .Someone put it very aptly though,“don’t  put off doing something simply because it will take a long time to show results.The time will pass off anyway”.So start doing things promptly and see how your confidence and strength rise. 

Stay Connected With Your Ability
You go to the drugstore and buy an aspirin over the counter because you have enough confidence in its ability to banish your ailment.You don’t question its efficacy even a tad bit.But what about your own ability,and your confidence in meeting life,people,work,responsibilities,tasks,aspirations,and the world at large?
It’s okay to place some confidence in your own abilities.In fact place a lot of confidence in your abilities.Believe in your ability to answer that mail,that phone call. Believe that you can differ with your associates,friends,spouse,or relatives and still remain cordial and composed.If other people can do certain things and yet remain calm and in control so can you.Bring yourself in contact with your inner confidence.Stay connected with it .More than that,send this inner power and confidence ahead of you in whatever you do in life.Stay ahead of your challenges ,at least within your inner center of power.Your external tasks and responsibilities,challenges and  problems are not half as powerful as you.Eventually you will  amaze yourself as you grow strong in doing and achieving much more than you ever dreamt.

Stay motivated to always increase your self power under all circumstances.Building your confidence is your greatest responsibility.So continue to meet life from a centre of strength and confidence.No power can deter you if you are personally committed to doing well on this front.Know that you have the inner potential to imagine your desire and to materialize it.So dream of the highest and reach out to achieve it with your persistent action.

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