Monday, 29 September 2014

Dumb Questions That Keep You From Getting Rich

“It is too difficult to think nobly when one thinks only of earning a living.” ― Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Why Should I be Here At All?

1.Will I have to pay more tax than now,once I get super rich?Why must I get rich at all   if that is the case indeed?

2.Will I have to share more of my wealth with family and friends,once i get super rich?In that case what is the use of getting rich?

3.How much time will my business,or work take away from me if I plan to get rich?Is it worth it?

4.Don't the super rich live in perpetual fear of  kidnapping,mugging,ransom etc?What's the use of such wealth after all?

5.Does wealth and money ever bring happiness?Don't the books tell us about the wealthy being miserable as well?Why should I toil so much for wealth when I am unhappy ,anyway? 

6.Is there any guarantee of living in everlasting ecstasy even after I get rich?If there is no such certainty isn't it a waste of time and effort?

7.Rich people don't lead normal,comfortable lives since they are cut off from reality.If this is the inevitable outcome,am I not better off without wealth?

8.Rich and wealthy people are not spiritual at all,because their love of money destroys their conscience.Why must I "soil my soul" just for handfuls of paper bills?

9.The rich are greedy and not large hearted enough.Isn't it better to be middle class and yet generous,even if I can spare only limited money for charity or help?

10.Wealthy people are unable to take a walk in the street easily.Am I not blessed to be able to walk fearlessly in the street,even if I have less money?

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