Saturday, 16 November 2013

Courage Is The Cussedness of Persisting in Your Efforts

The courageous will always win,progress, and bring fulfillment to self and others.Courage is the ability to take action.More than that it is the willingness to put in effort .Anyone who does not shirk from industry and effort will automatically display courage.
And courage is not witnessed only in  physical encounters.It is  seen everywhere when there is a need to apply fresh ,out-of-the-routine effort.And that willingness for effort arises in response to that need.
It can be the willingness to apply a non-routine effort in a duel or in the determination to lose weight,or to learn a new skill,or acquire a different attitude,or accomplish something different.
Courage is also required to in the capacity to expand your outlook,remain calm,love yourself ,maintain a constructive ,positive attitude.Courage emerges in it's full capacity when you persist in an endeavour,where most others would meekly follow the convenient urge to quit after an initial testing of waters.
So some action is required to generate courage inside yourself.What is that?

There are ,in fact ,a number of things you can do to buid courage.

  • Discipline .Personal commitment, and an oath is required to stick to a decided path,no matter what.Fearlessness follows when you "do" your discipline  day after day.
  • No Approval. No approval is required of anyone when you do some thing bold.Mind you ,bold does not imply loud.A simple, quiet confidence which does not hunger for public approval and support.Usually courage is the progeny of conviction, and true conviction has to be unilateral,and personal.
  • Inspiration. Seek inspiration of courage from others' examples.Emulate examples of rare valour in every form.Not just physical valour.
  • Express courage. When we express courgae in action,in words,in thought,in feeling,in reaching out,and in being original,it increases.
  • Humility Balances.Unless you have dollops of humility you do not have true courage.In fact humility is unadultrated courage,because it is centered in inner strength .Without humility, the seeming courage,is mere arrogance.And that is just adolescence crystallised forever.
  • Persistence The tendency to throw in the towel at the first 
     sight of resistence is a very natural urge,but that is fickleness.Not strength.Not courage.Courage is the delibrate effort to continue action ,regardless of the pain involved in the short term.

Over to you my friends......


Hiten said...

Hi Mona,

Excellent post, indeed!

As you say, peace is our most natural state. So often, our natural state gets disrupted by our ego, which creates havoc. As you say, we can become in tune with our inner peace in just a moment. Meditative practices certainly can help in this regards.

Thank you.

Mona n said...

Yes Hiten.You've got apoint there relating peace to courage is the next logical step when you understand that a peaceful mind is more stoic and in equanimity.

G Angela said...

well said ! loved your quotes !

Mona n said...

Thanks for your visit Angela.
Appreciate your acknowledgement.

Richa Singh said...

The post was superfluous and most of the things very true... Looking forward to more of your writings lady :)


Mona n said...

Welcome to Richmiraclefiles Richa.
Thanks for taking out time to share your opinion.I do appreciate that.
And You will see more posts for sure.