Sunday, 24 November 2013

Look For The Diamond In Everybody;Appreciate Unabashedly

How can we benefit from our interaction with ther people?We benefit ourselves whenever we appreciate ,thank,or emulate others.
Though the list is endless about the multifarious benefits we can derive from our interaction with others, it is good to look intot into a couple of quick,and  very workable actions in this direction.

People's Habits.

We can appreciate people’s good habits which are genuinely beneficial to them or others. Certain traits which we ourselves do not possess bring a lot of hope and inspiration for growth and development. We can bless people internally as we  appreciate them for their good traits.Someone maybe meticulous, while another person maybe humorous, someone maybe sincere beyond the call of duty. Others maybe socially adept, and  healthily gregarious. Appreciation for positive traits automatically elevates us as well.It generates strong vibes of progress and success,and brings us easily closer to our own good.

People Make Good Exercise Stations.

If we take a closer look at people , it maybe astounding to note that many times people present us the opportunity of working out with multistation gyms.People have different traits and hence present excellent opportunity to grow from our interaction with them.
Invariably people will give you the opportunity to:-
  • maintain equanimity
  • maintain composure
  • interpret situations correctly

  People can,and do become more patient when they hold each other in good light.Especially so when positive vibrations are involved.

Non Judgmental Attitudes.

You can always exercise your non judgmental attitudes when you meet people. At least you have the opportunity to do that.It’s good to remember that whenever we interact with people there are two major traits we unconsciously display as a response to their presence with us:-

  •  Expectation from them
  • Judgment about them

Both are undesirable responses, with long term detrimental influence on your personal effectiveness. Yet judgment interferes with your ability to have an honest,empowering interaction with anyone who is the subject of your judgment.
At least one aspect is pretty certain; you cannot be judgmental and humble at the same time.And if humility is not the basic standpoint of your interaction with others,then surely ego is interfering with your effective inter-personal communication.This needs a lot of deliberate attention.

Tolerance Through Ignoring.

Invariably,whenever you interact with a variety of people you will find various aspects which are disagreeable.You may not share others’ beliefs at all,you may not agree with their conduct or behaviour. You may differ with their opinions,and your preferences may differ diametrically with theirs.These differences may exist for any number of  reasons ;cultural,personal inclinations,karmic factors ,environmental influences, generational differences,or whatever else.
Yet it makes sense to realize (and act on) the fact that everyone is entitled to their different preferences,likes,dislikes,and opinions.
As long as their preferences do not impinge on your personal basic rights the most sensible action is to practice ignoring the differences ,lest you victimize your own self with your distaste for such differences.At such times there are two interesting options before you:-
  • Find something to appreciate.
  • Ignore what you cannot change.

Now it is important to note that ignoring some trait is not the same as ignoring some one.One kind of ignoring as an attitude of focusing on the positive while,delinking your emotions from what is not agreeable to you.The other is just  snootiness . Positive “ignorance” is the start point of tolerance ;an essential ingredient of detachment and equilibrium.

Concerted Appreciation;Validating The Diamond Within

The highest form of improving and benefitting from interpersonal interaction is to appreciate at every step possible.It's a challenge which few are willing to take.Bungee jumping and sky diving sound hep and adventurous.Not this.Is it because the ego is directly involved? 
When you search for something worth appreciating  you will find many a small and big gems hidden within every one.It’s like some wise  one said,"look for the diamond within the raw mine inside each person”.I think that spells it.Every one has a huge store of good qualities worth appreciating.Yet we do little justice to them,by forgetting to appreciate them.
Appreciation can be internal ,that is ,non verbalised. This kind of appreciation is implicit admiration only.Yet the best form of appreciation is the verbalized,expressed variety ,which generates strong vibrations of acknowledgement and validation. Besides benefitting the recipient, appreciation hugely elevates the source,the giver of appreciation. It makes them positive,bold, confident,and improves karma.It starts a  chain reaction of  automatic cosmic events which are holistically beneficial for all parties involved.

Over to you my friends......


Hiten said...

Hi Mona,

Brilliant post, my friend.

One point about judging and expecting is that our views become heavily biased. We longer see people objectively. Our perspective becomes blurred. We all make mistakes. Hence, it makes no sense to judge others, especially when we are also susceptible to say words and do actions which we might be judging others on.

Thank you.

Mona n said...

Thanks Hiten
Appreciate your encouragement.
Yes you're rightabout us being susceptible and yet taking potshots at others,living in their glass houses.
It's a fact that unlearning old habits takes time and conscious attention.

Vishnu said...

hi Mona, you make some very valid points here on the benefits of appreciating others. Appreciation takes us away from judgment and taking people for granted, which our minds regularly do.

When we consciously appreciate others, we become better people. Appreciating and emulating the good qualities is an even better idea. And raises positive vibration and a spirit of giving within everybody.

It may be easier to appreciate the most people but our spiritual assignments it to appreciate the people who irritate and frustrate us. Find appreciation and gratitude there is a highly spiritual practice:)

Mona n said...

Hi Vishnu,
Glad to hear your views.
You make an important point there about the spiritual aspect of appreciation.
Something that most of us miss due to ignorance about this universal law.When you appreciate you are giving something.And any giving increases our own energy.
Our karmic equations automatically improve.