Friday, 8 November 2013

Happiness Is How You Feel

Life's fabulous for me 
The most basic search by any living organism is for happiness.Every endeavour by any living being ,community,organisation,society,or  civilisation is for hapiness only.
Why do we  want to be happy and not be unhappy .We want to be happy because that is the most fundamental attribute of our human constitution.At the most  rudimentary level  each sentient and non sentient system  wants to attain equilibrium & stability .Happiness is the biggest reflection of stability,balance & equilibrium in the internal “ecosystem”.

What comes in the way of your happiness

What interferes with your happiness is the misunderstanding that happiness follows having,being,doing something .This is the dichotomy that separates happiness from the experience that is you and me .The fact is that happiness  does not follow acievement but it’s the genesis  of achievement.

Can happiness be obtained

Happiness can be obtained for those who believe it must be obtained.However,happiness will prevail for those who know it is  a state of being ,instead of an event heralding the acquisition of something (happiness).So ,essentially happiness is a state of being .It is not  in having everything happening our way necessarily all the time.Rather,it is a state of mind & being to be in grace  inspite of what  ever is happening outside.So at best  we can “incline ourselves  towards  happiness”as  Marci Shimoff says.

Happiness is within or without?

When they opened the Tomb of Hermes the most powerful piece of wisdom was emblazoned on the stone,which said  “as within so without”.Which means that your entire universe is a reflection of whatever is happening inside.Happiness is  also an outcome of what is happening inside.

What happens inside

Whatever is happening inside is very important .Your thoughts and feelings dictate how happy you end up feeling.You are always asked to think positively, and towards that end there is a huge industry focussing on teaching people to think positively.Affirmations,hypnosis,neuro linguistic programming,meditation,are some of the holistic methods used for increasing your happiness quotient,other than the run of the mill pursuits.Thoughts ,doubtlessly,are very crucial in ensuring you have a positive outlook towards life.Even more important are the feelings & emotions you harbour about life.
Find your joy everywhere

Emotional well being

“Feeling is everything in life”.Eminent thinkers like Robert Collier emphasised on the importance of feelings and he was  specific about the far reaching influence of feelings.How do you feel about your life generally?Good?Bad?OK? well the fact is whatever you do feel at the back of your mind constantly is what will recurringly return to you .So if you feel happy about  life constantly,regardless of whatever is happening on the outside, things will improve and feel better.
Now feeling happy constantly,unconditionally is a huge responsibility,which only you can execute.Do it with aplomb throughout life.It’s one of the best things to be alive about.

Some one said “some people live as if they’d never die,and some people die as if they never lived”.
Well how you feel about life makes all the difference.

It’s over to you my friends…..


Vishnu said...

Appreciate your reflections here on happiness, Mona.

You're right - no one can make us happy but ourselves and also happiness is indeed an inner state. The Tomb of Hermes quote is a great reminder that we have the power to control our happiness and by simply choosing a philosophy of happiness, everything that happens around us can be happy.

Throughout time, people have been going outside themselves to find happiness. It's not outside, has tobe cultivated inside. How we are internally and how we feel about life in general is the lens in which we view the world. If happy, our world view is happy!

Mona n said...

Yep Vishnu!
Well said.happiness is indeed an inside job,very much so.
The outside is a mere screen that reflects what the projector(mind) inside is upto.
Happiness is therefore an index to gauge what we are feeling and thinking;the responsibility for which lies on my shoulders.
Thanks for your insight Vishnu.