Thursday, 11 July 2013

Do We Question Our Self And The Purpose Of Our Life?

So often we all tend to reach out to the external goodies of life.In fact that is all we mostly do,that is all what concerns most of us.The wealth,the abundance the glitz,the cars,the money ,and the power and the insane pull of the external glamour is all that motivates us.
Ask A Question Without Fear
The story is not very different across cultures,countries,or continents. Human life revolves around a lot of aspiration.Yet we never stop to think that millions,and zillions of people have come before us on this planet.They have come,and they have gone.All of them bothered with the same pursuits that concern us today.And the legacy will continue.


Is this all there is to it?Somewhere the Wiser Circles talk about the possibility of a higher goal of the human life,a higher purpose.Do we think about that at all?Does this sound very outlandish and unsophisticated to concern ourselves with the higher purpose of life?Is it socially so risky to think about it?Let alone talk about it? 

Perhaps there is an entity called the soul.Perhaps there is a need to connect with it.Perhaps there is  a greater vision than what we perceive with our familiar five senses.Perhaps there is a deeper presence within all of us.Perhaps we all don't have to start dying the day we are born.If you mull upon it a little deeper you realise that that is exactly what is happening.The duration between our birth, and death, is filled with a lot of familiar,noisy,conformist,dulling activity.Very far ,very far removed from the true purpose behind our presence.Certainly it is important to earn a living,certainly we must enjoy our lives,travel,socialise,conform to societal norms,be good and decent citizens,be good parents and relations,be good leaders.But is that all?

This question is important.

And we must find our answers to it.The answers do exist,and they do lead to somewhere worthy of arriving.For those who are disconcerted by the question they need to think again about their dogma.Their belief is, essentially, concealed fear of the unknown.Even their disdain for such questioning is a camouflaged confusion sizzling the innermost recesses of their heart.

I'm reminded of Richard Bach's protagonist Jonathan Livingston Seagull,who is being admonished by another companion over his questions about life.The latter says to Jonathan Livingston Seagull,"one day Jonathan Livingston Seagull,you shall learn that irresponsibility does not pay.Life is the unknown and unknowable,except that we are put into this world to eat ,to stay alive as long as we possibly can".
Finding Your Purpose Is A  Responsibility 

That is exactly what  a lot of people live their life believing all along.This seriously begs questioning.Is this belief their own or is it borrowed,or is it born of ignorance?


It is very, very interesting.And I certainly want to find out more.

How 'bout you?

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