Sunday, 14 July 2013

Channelise Your Thinking Process Towards Your Star Goals

The only one thing that we have total control over is our thought.If you try, that is.Otherwise your thinking process is a runaway freight train that drags you along its own route of whims.
Progress Is Shaped By Mental Prowess 
A vast majority of thinkers have come along and asked us all to pay attention to our thinking ,whether it was the Kindly Buddha or Christ ,or the huge crowd of New Agers. Thought is indeed nuclear in it's impact on life,and on the world.Yet we start to pay attention to it's enormous power only when we face crisis,or not at all,even then.
So I feel duty bound ro remind all of us ,once again:-

Exploit the enormous power of your mental processes.
Channelise your thought energy towards fruitful,constructive,fulfilling goals.
Reach out to your goals with the power of your mental energy .
Do not waste your mental energy even a little .
Focus your thought power.
Always channelise it in the right direction.Find solutions.Be creative.
Associate with positive,encouraging,enabling thought processes that serve you as efficient tools.
Discard old "thought machine-parts" that are worn out, and only work as impediments to your growth.
Do not spend your mind energy on mere "sticks and stones".Sticks and stones are those thoughts that only deplete your confidence and strength ,and do not contribute to your progress or success in any way at all.
Dedicate your mind power to your "star goals".Star goals are your passions,dreams,and noble pursuits.Those goals which give you matchless satisfaction and fulfillment.
Focus On Your Dreams,Only
Strive to reach your star goals through your star mental processes;systems and disciplines of thinking that empower you and uplift you constantly.

Remember the famous saying "don't trade the big for the small". So you don't want to leave your star goals for your sticks and stones.

I feel I've done my duty by articulating something that is commonsense.
But I know that my job is only partially done.
Until you promise to work on this discipline.

Let me know what you've done.


Anonymous said...

What you have written is of No use, we know we must channelise but how ? Thats what you have not written that how to channelise. Waste of a post.

Anonymous said...

We can Channelize our thoughts by constantly thinking about nothing but the positive.

Now at times our mind is filled with so much of pressure of career, money and all. At that time just accept the things as they are. Accept your role as you are playing at that time. Even if some one is exploiting you. And always think noyhihng but the posityive. he is suffering from negative thinkinhg . So dont let him to make you the victim of his negative hunger . Just constantly channelize your thoughts towards your goal .

Now at times we are not aware pf our goal and what is it that we are made for. We all will come and leave thi heavenly planet after 100 years or so. So in that time we need a job to work for and money to survive. And during this period we have to love our job and each and every person who is doing their job. Just have resepct for each and every person who is doing their job. Money will come definatyely sooner or later. Like we say that blessed is the one who has found his job.