Thursday, 18 July 2013


Challenging Relationships Offer Opportunity
The inviolable truth is that we will be spending a lot of our breathing life among people,and relationships.Both make us stronger in a number of ways,which requires a different level of study,altogether.However in relationships we will surely meet challenging attitudes and ,challenging people as well. In our various interactions with people we can respond differently and come up with effective emotional responses only if we exercise the intelligence to interpret  situations creatively.Challenging interactions with different people ,and challenging attitudes will come up unannounced,and  surprise us,even throw us off balance if we are unprepared.Yet how we interpret life and nuance our responses will dictate a lot of our effectiveness in life.There is a lot we can do internally,instead of being flummoxed by the vagaries of fluctuating attitudes of people.

     1. See  The  Opportunity Of Growth In The Relationship. Every      
relationship that appears challenging has  great seeds of benefit hidden within it.If not anything else it has the potential to help you grow.Within the relationship you can avail of hundreds of opportunities to maintain calm,remain composed,stay empowered and efficient in your emotional responses.So instead of running away from a challenging situation you can teach yourself to stay on and practice your principles with a clinical  detachment,and an intelligent discipline.Now you can look forward to furthering the relationship with the aim of growing stronger through each meeting.

2.   Do Not Follow Half Truths.Often we follow half cooked truths of other people.we always take shortcuts in everything possible.Shortcuts are convenient because they reduce our effort.Therefore we often instinctively follow half truths,and observations touted by others as great pearls of wisdom.Yet they may not be close to any wisdom at all.Observations,experiences of others need not  dictate exactly  what we should be doing in similar situations in relationships.These are shortcuts that appear to alleviate our toil in finding original solutions,yet they maybe severely limiting your capacity to generate fulfilling solutions that benefit both parties in the transaction.So at the cost of a little extra effort and time you can deliberately find solutions that  benefit all concerned.This is where correct interpretation urges you to look for a fresh approach that satisfies you.

3.   Some Truths Don’t Serve Our Happiness.Some half truths and observations of other people maybe absolutely contrary to what we have on our mind.At such times it helps to tune in to our inner compass to ensure that we are aligned with our purpose in life.So determine beforehand that you will not be guided by external stimuli.Especially those which compel you to conform to accepted ways of reacting to relationships and interpersonal interactions.For your own sake you may have to choose an independent interpretation of the situation,instead of conforming to popular and familiar responses.

4.   You Are Not Abused Till You Feel Abused.Another  very important aspect to be clear about relationships is that no one can make you feel abused and hurt till you yourself start pitying yourself and doubting your worth .no one can touch your self worth till you internally allow them to touch it.So your interpretation of an event beforehand is the only guarantee to protect you from the possible fluctuations in relationships.

See What Comes Around!

5.   Theory Of Karma.The Theory of Karma tells you that we have all met before in previous births,and we have come together again.So my present birth is one of the many that have taken place in the past to arrive at a balance between related souls. Karma says that if you have harmed another person ever, they will harm you in turn;whether in this birth,or in another one.If you have done good to another person,you will reap the benefit of that good as well.Whatever goes around comes around,eventually.

6.   I Am Responsible.I am responsible for every thing that happens to me.That's a fact .No one else can be blamed for whatever happens to me.Even if anyone has acted in an undesirable manner in relation to me I am still responsible for my response to their behavior,including my feelings and emotions .This is a creative approach to interpreting the transactions within relationships.

     What ever you do,relationships,Whether easy or challenging, will always define how you have grown,and evolved in life as a person.

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