Monday, 27 October 2014

6 Surprisingly Simple Secrets Of Getting Along With Others

Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well   - Voltaire
Wow I Love Being With You

One of the major goals of human life is to evolve in consciousness through our interaction with the world.It is important to remember that evolution of consciousness doesn't mean mere intellectual or mental development.It is even more essential to evolve emotionally & spiritually.Spiritually,because that is exactly who we all essentially are;spirits in human form.However much we may attempt to ignore,deny or decry this fact .And evolving our consciousness has to inevitably unfold through our interaction with this interesting, material world.

This includes the most important ingredient;other people and our relationship with them,our dealing with them.And even more critically,the influence of our social dealings on our own consciousness.

So here goes……..

1.Ignore The Obvious “Small Things” In Others.

Everybody has some obvious weak spots,that make them human.And they are okay despite the obvious warts and moles in their personality,in fact there is an element of good in their shortcoming.Not because they are literally perfect but because you get an opportunity to practice your greatness.Yes you can and must become great through your dealing with others people.

2.Practice It Consistently In Daily Life.

Habits are important in formulating your responses on a consistent basis.This is in fact the basis of character building.Consistently practice being good to people you interact with. So when you meet others make it a point to project good intent in your eyes,in your tone,your words,and in your feelings.It is a constant,relentless commitment.Not some sporadic fleeting wave of do good emotion.

3.Emulate The Good Samaritan.

Do good for others.Help them unconditionally ,without expecting anything in return.This attitude not only fortifies your resolve to clear your karma but it also strengthens your moral muscles.

4.Become A Giver.

Yes become a giver.Have an attitude of giving to people.Do you know that even liking and enjoying other people’s company is an act of giving?That’s because you are giving your intention of appreciation and liking,as you hold back your social programming of judging and criticizing.

Sir Richard Branson,the great leader, achiever and legendary tycoon, consistently stresses on the importance of liking people,if you genuinely intend to be a great leader and achiever.So get into the habit of giving your attention to the good in others always.When you meet someone,speak about them ,or even think of them focus on their good only.Particularly when you are physically with them, radiate strong vibes of good intent.It may take some practice if you are not accustomed to this line of thinking.But the results are phenomenal simply because  the law of attraction quickly goes to  work here.You can try it anytime ,with anyone.

Just drop your constant search beam of doubt,suspicion,ill will, judgment for a while and see what unfolds .What you give out must come back to you.You may say “that’s all very well,but I am  a police detective and my job requires me to look out for suspects ”.Well that is a  professional and functional necessity but even then it does not mean the policeman must go  around suspecting everybody under the sun.Apart from a scientific professional  approach to his job he doesn't have to muddy his “emotional body”,on a permanent basis.

You may be a  corporate executive,or a successful  businessman who cannot afford to let quality of product or service decline on the professional front.By all means,you must do all that is necessary to execute your professional charter honestly.But it is worth  asking yourself ,“is unkindness,rudeness,ill intent,criticism the only solution to the sincere professional conduct?

5.The Attitude Of Letting Go.

There is really no need to go ballistic over minor stuff.And this is where your resilience and perspective comes in . Someone rightly said about putting things in correct perspective “all issues are minor issues”.Nothing really is so serious that you must get worked up and negative towards someone for things that will be forgotten squarely a week later.

Don’t hold grudges (a silent cousin of ill will) because they have a habit of pinning you down with their dead weight,while you are grasping on to them.You are the one being harmed eventually.Just let some things go.Almost  everybody is different and they have a right to be so,whether that pleases you or not.And your job is not to change others.

6.Take Reference Of  History .

Recall countless people who populated different centuries in the past. They lived a life full of  borrowed beliefs about social conduct .They too were impolite in return for brusqueness ,rude; gave an eye for an eye,tit for tat,and let off negative emotions freely.They  boxed themselves inside a mechanical “stimulus-response” cycle while they lived.Then they passed away.What good was it?Was it any good at all for their consciousness?
I guess they just lost the plot somewhere in the midst of aping others’ attitudes and behaviour. They just couldn't bring themselves to be brave enough to try on new rules of social engagement.To be good to others in-spite of contrary expectations by their social groups.

Good intent underscores the importance of  building huge  reserves  of personal strength.So much so, that even if you are a soldier on the battle field you will fight to kill; but out of  a sense of duty.Paradoxically,if you are strong enough, you will be kind at heart even to your enemy in battle,even as you act to kill him.Hatred ,resentment ,ill will ,revenge has no place in the psychic dictionary of the strong man.

Is it not true that you are either being rude for fear of being taken advantage of ,or because you really do not care about others’ sentiments, or the deeply harmful impact on your own karma?”  

Yet it takes persistence and a courageous intellect to comprehend  and practice the kind of good will we are talking about.


sherill said...

Thanks for sharing all these great reminders. A good perspective indeed "all issues are minor" . :)

Ravi Sahu said...

By Blog writting You have great working knowledge which impressed me.