Saturday, 19 October 2013

Do We Have To Endure The Roller Coaster Ride Of Our Emotions,Forever?

Look In At Yourself !

Whoa  Are We Emotive !
So many times we wash our faces,cleanse them with the best cosmetics available.Yet how often do we cleanse our minds of unnecessary negative emotions ,apply the cosmetics of strong,capable, constructive thoughts ?How many times do we work under the urge of goodwill instead of doubt and suspicion?
Usually what kind of thoughts and emotions  do we have affinity with?Are they strong,positive,capable emotions?Are they constructive,and self encouraging thoughts?Are we indulging in self deprecating thoughts and feelings more often than self encouraging ones?What kind of emotions and feelings do we have affinity with?Are they cheerful,happy,encouraging feelings and intentions?
Have you noticed the common predicament of the ornery human mind?Well for one thing the moment something undesirable happens our spirits fall.The very next moment when circumstances seem to brighten our spirits rise.

Unpredictable Roller Coaster

So life is a fluctuation ,an unpredictable roller coaster.Not so much on the outside as much as on the "inside"; in the mind.Between the convolutions of the grey coloured mass of neurons  in the brain there only is an exchange of millions of electro-chemical impulses.Yet why are the responses so mechanical within one human mind?(BTW,as an aside..the brain is not the mind )Is there an alternative response possible.Well I guess so.We only need to introspect more about ourselves.That calls for colossal doses of honesty and open mindedness.

Undulating Emotions

Wild Emotions:Not Charming Really!
In the meantime our emotions remain squiggly waves of haphazard fluctuations,if we ever had the gumption to plot their graph.A graph depicting undulations of feelings and emotions, which are predominantly overshadowed by the tyranny of petty and interchanging  circumstances.If you come to think of it,throughout history, mankind and it's emotions have been tossed around on the unpredictable waves of the "ocean of circumstances".Except for those (few) enlightened folks who had the gift of detachment,and who were courageous enough to step out of the  snare of socially indoctrinated "conformity-responses".

Transcend The Trap

For those who couldn't muster the guts to transcend the trap of social conformity emotions remained a game of touch and run.One moment someone behaves fine your spirits soar,the next moment they do something "unpleasant" your spirits plummet.One moment circumstances are hunky-dory you feel blissful.The moment things are not to your preferred taste you feel disappointed;and the degree of disappointment varies form mild to intense,depending on what importance you accord to circumstances alone.
 Emotional Balance Empowers

The Easiest Path

The simplest path to achieving some modicum of equanimity is to cease looking for outside circumstances and people to conform to our sense of propriety.It is in acquiring a correct attitude to changing circumstances that wisdom and strength arises within us,instead of the other way around.

Do you "feel" there is something you want to add here?I'll be glad to hear you.


Vishnu said...

You got it, Mona - I think you write about something we all experience and go through daily. Allowing external outside circumstances to dictate our emotions is something I have experienced and tried to get better at managing. How do we have equanimity of our mind when life is constantly like a whirlwind of ups and downs?

The way I'm trying to do this is through an internal spiritual practices including mindfulness and awareness of the emotions in my life. Also, trying to objectify the situation instead of getting caught up in the emotional aspects of the situation.

Life and circumstances will continue to happen regardless ofwhat we do. The only thing we have control over is how we react to it. Good reminder here to keep working on this rather challenging practice.

Mona n said...

Yeah Vishnu.You're right there it is quite a challenge to keep our emotions under control.Yet this is the foundation of any spiritual success in life,as well as material progress.Because any one who has a well managed emotion-set will doubtlessly continue to do well in his business or profession also.
At the end of the day health and wellness are deeply affected by our emotions.

HappinessSavouredHot said...

It's hard to prevent an emotion from happening. However, I try to keep a distance from some of my emotions, in order to observe them, understand where they come from, and keep them in check. This mostly applies to negative emotions. I don't want them to get the best of me. Especially since there is a lot of depression in my family.

Mona n said...

It's always good to get new views on this pretty 'emotive' subject.Yes i must confess emotions are not something easily managed,yet doing that,or even beginning to do so empowers us in a totally different way.
t least one thing is certain.emotions are very real indicators of our state of consciousness.And every step forward towards elevating them evolves our levels of consciousness as well.This is a pursuit worth exploring your emotional arena for.
What do you think? I'll be glad to know.