Thursday, 9 May 2013


Realise Your Wealth

Understand the true value of your riches and  what you already possess in life.It is when you do not have some thing which you need that you appreciate it’s value.Ask any child living in the slums of the third world how much she would like to have running water at home.Ask any one visually handicapped how much he would like to see,ask the one without  hearing how much he would like to hear.Ask anyone who doesn’t have a thumb how much he would love to grasp things easily.Ask any one without a job how much a source of income means to him.While we are always encouraged to raise our aspirations,it merits  deeper insight. Desiring more is not worthwhile if it is done without appreciating  the valueof what is already available and present.

Recognise What Is Of True Value

Be Grateful

 Deeply  acknowledging what is readily available to you is practicing  wealth mentality at a profound level.You are genuinely affluent when you can be grateful for the good that you possess ,while you have it available to you. It is penury, if you need all your future desires fulfilled, before you can be happy about your present good.No wealth will ever be enough if it is not acknowledged and appreciated while it is already present  for you. You future desires and their fulfillment are not connected ,and need not be connected with enjoying your existing riches.Your true affluence  only asks for your attention to your prevailing  abundance.

Value All Possessions,Big And Small

Appreciate What You Behold
Your  ability  to like your existing possessions,appreciate and acknowledge them is the biggest measure  of your affluence.However crude,or modest your goods may appear to you they carry inherent value.Your  possessions become your riches,your wealth, when you value them.And this includes  all big and small things in your life.This includes your health,your financial wealth,your family,your relationships,your friends,your job,your business,your neighbourhood.It would do good to mull over all those things which you have been glossing over dismissively, merely because they all appear routine,they all are taken for granted,and they have slipped into the background of you priorities.

Re-Evaluate What You Have Right Now

You could consider  taking  second look at all your “humdrum” possessions in life.You could include any and all inane aspects.Your smile,your education,your capability ,your skill in an activity,your sense of humour,your  tech savvy aptitude,or your people skills,your ability to read,your golf handicap,your ability to sing.Why only abilities?What about your providential gifts?What about your capability to digest food?Process information?Reproduce?Breathe?Lift your arm?Grow your hair?Also your character?What about your determination?what about your composure?Your altruism?

The list is endless.What is significant is to remember that everything counts.

The Lustre Of  Your Gold Is Your Value

It’s often when something is not readily available to you that you begin to value it the most. When you do have it ,it disappears into the dense undergrowth of your desires and endless aspirations. You remain a pauper even while having the limitless abundance of the world at your feet.Don’t forget “your value alone adds genuine lustre to your gold”.

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