Friday, 24 May 2013


Same Action Same Result

New Thoughts Remake You
It is a funny sight to watch people running around in a frenzy trying to achieve much from life ,but only attempting things the same way they did a long time back.Einstein wisely stated that doing the same thing over and over again ,and yet expecting different results is a sign of insanity.
Without realizing it ,we all tend to behave like that ;at least at some point in life.But it doesn't pay in the long run.When you want something different,some spectacular result,you need to approach life from afresh viewpoint.
Most often we get stuck in one line of thinking,one kind of attitude and then carry on the legacy for a lifetime.This only results in repetitive patterns,similar consequences,spanning a lifetime.

New Thoughts For Different Results

Well if you need different consequences you need to approach the situation from an entirely different viewpoint.When we work for one boss and we find we are under-compensated ,the natural urge is to  start searching for a different master.Someone who can pay us better.Why don’t we this apply analogy  to our attitudes and habitual thinking patterns as well?Why don’t we approach another “boss” of attitudes,and thought processes when we clearly understand that our old master is under-compensating us?Not bringing us the results we need?

We Cannot See Our Thoughts

Your Thinking Is Your  Investment
The simple answer is that we are unable to comprehend this fact.We do not correlate our thinking process,the input, with its effect ,the output.We cannot “see” our thoughts.They just arrive, and we tag along,obediently.Yet for succeeding well it is important to “see” our thoughts,understand them.
Our thought is critical.Whatever you are today is the outcome of what you have been thinking till yesterday.What you will be tomorrow will also be similarly dictated by what you think today.If you think of success,achievement,confidence , fulfillment,abundance,prosperity,happiness ,good fortune, today;you will inevitably find your life tomorrow brimming with corresponding results.This is unvarying Universal Law.Some people call it the Law of Attraction.What it says is if you indulge in sustained negative thinking today ,your tomorrow will show up with negative distasteful consequences.Likewise if you think positively,always,only positive consequences will surround you.

Tip The Balance In Your Favour

Now it’s pretty much up to us what we do with our thinking.We can simply tip the balance in our favour with a little moderation in our thinking process,a tiny bit of control applied at the appropriate moments in life.Effectively,learning to serve a different master,a different set of attitudes,a new set of thoughts.The results that follow will be for you to see,they might astound you.
You can simply release the old habituated patterns of thinking,you can top up your thinking with the most positive insights that serve you well.Only you need to re-dedicate yourself to a different “boss”,a new master.Soon you will find yourself in charge of life.

You can start recharging yourself with success today.

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